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Stay in compliance and collect chat, text, documents and more with DataParser connector software

DataParser is connector software to bring various data types into the Mimecast archive. Typically used for Security and Compliance requirements, DataParser is designed for verifiable chain of custody and regulatory compliance. Archiving data for regulated users, HR requirements, remote work, IP, legal or corporate policies are common use cases. Financial firms, Government agencies, Education, Energy and Healthcare organizations all use DataParser.

Solution Overview

1. DataParser pulls data directly from source APIs, SFTP sites or databases. Chats are threaded into conversations, metadata is maintained, and filed are attached. All data is encrypted in transit and no data is stored within DataParser.

2. Users' activities in source platforms are never interrupted by DataParser.

3. DataParser is for on-premise use and especially suited for strict security and data privacy policies. DataParser Cloud servers are hosted in a secure Azure environment with a dedicated Cloud Support Team to monitor processes. No client data is stored in Azure.

4. All data ingested by the archive is indexed and reconciled to users for easy eDiscovery.

Mimecast & 17a-4 Use Cases: 

Helps facilitate and support: 

Compliant Content Capture

Pull chat, text and file data directly from the source, formatting and threading for easy review in the archive, secure delivery to Mimecast, process and message count reporting and AD filtering to target regulated employees.

eDiscovery and Litigation Review

Collect data for legal matters as they arise, target users or timeframes for each data source, access databases and document libraries for responsive content, and enable secure export for outside counsel.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Target engineering teams’ communications including 1-1 chats and channel or workspaces to ensure all conversations regarding IP and development are retained. Collect collaborative content from libraries, databases and file shares. Audit reporting features for legal defense of IP.

Government and Public Services Retention Requirements

Avoid fines, penalties and other enforcement actions by regulatory bodies such as FOIA and FISMA. Mitigate risk involving internal investigations, data breaches, external audits, lawsuits or intentional Government Research Data theft. Reduce regulatory compliance related costs including fees for outside counsel, ongoing legal matters and data productions. Create a central data lake repository for government communications to enable business intelligence and civic analytics.

                                             Key Benefits


Create a unified archive with DataParser collecting your third-party data and securely delivering to Mimecast. DataParser lets you manage all your communications and data in one location for streamlined compliance policies and procedures. Slack, Zoom, Webex, Symphony, Viva Engage, Movius, Bloomberg, ServiceNow and more are all supported.


Avoid fines, penalties and other enforcement actions by regulatory bodies by complying with retention requirements and ingesting regulated communications like chat and text. Minimize outside counsel and legal fees with DataParser’s targeted collection.  DataParser helps you cut costs and stay on budget.    


Flexible deployments options for organizations or agencies with complex environments, strict security policies and international regulations. DataParser can be installed on-premise or configured to run in the cloud with regional data centers for adhering to data governance policies.


Integrate with Active Directory to manage the data you bring into Mimecast easily and with existing resources.  Filter users and content with DataParser’s options and features across all platforms.  You only need to archive a subset of users?  No problem - targeted collection is easily done with DataParser. 


Reporting and message counts are available for reconciliation and audit team queries. DataParser offers several exports formats so reports can also be incorporated into corporate audit documentation.  See how much data you have flowing into the Mimecast archive with DataParser Reports.   

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