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Analyze and Respond to Threats

Mimecast and Anomali provide an integrated email based threat detection, intelligence and prevention solution across the security estate, with enhanced analytics and investigation. Integrating Mimecast and Anomali provides organizations with threat sharing of high-fidelity indicators to ensure security technologies are aware of the latest malware-based threats, protecting the organization against infection, lateral spread, associated downtime and potential data loss.

Anomali ThreatStream automates the collection of Mimecast threat intelligence data as well as other external and internal sources. The feeds are normalized and deduplicated into a common taxonomy, leveraging machine-learning algorithms to remove false positives, enrich the data, and risk score the intelligence for severity and confidence. Normalized data is operationalized via automated distribution of machine-readable threat indicators to SIEM, firewall, EDR, IPS, SOAR and SOC teams can perform model-based investigations.

The integration between Mimecast and Anomali is designed to provide analysts time back, remove human error and allow for an effective response during an attack

Threat feed from Mimecast ingested into Anomali ThreatStream

Key Benefits 

  • Threat coverage from the number one attack vector - email

  • Strengthen risk-based decision making from verified indicators

  • Up to the minute intelligence of the latest email-based threats

  • Protect the security estate as threats are discovered 





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Release Date:

August 2022



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