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Prevent data leak and theft via email, cloud, and endpoint

Code42 Incydr and Mimecast help you stop data leak and theft by providing you with visibility into risky user activities across web, email, cloud, and more, as well as the controls needed to quickly stop and remediate them. Allowing your organization to stay working, stop worrying, and continue collaborating – securely.

When using Incydr and Mimecast together, you can map an Incydr Watchlist to a Mimecast Profile Group, meaning that the integration will automatically add users from certain Watchlists to Profile Groups and vice versa due to its bi-directional API integration.This allows you to seamlessly manage Watchlists and gain visibility into email, endpoint, and cloud exfiltration events. Once added to a Watchlist, you can automatically apply preventative controls or send Code42 Instructor’s micro-trainings to correct employee mistakes as they happen, allowing you to secure collaboration and ensure users can work productively without putting data at risk.


  • Data protection: Protect data from phishing attempts and email exfiltration, whether intentional or unintentional.
  • Fast response and remediation: Leverage automated response controls to prevent data leak and theft as well as correct user behavior.
  • Secure email collaboration: Ensure users can work productively without putting data at risk.
  • Streamline SecOps: Automated response actions reduce effort upon the SecOps team.

Watchlist Synchronization

Watchlist syncing between Mimecast and Code42




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Release Date:

January 2024



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