CrowdStrike Falcon XDR

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Consolidate data while improving threat visibility and remediation

CrowdStrike Falcon provides consolidated threat visibility, hassle-free detections and investigation, and end-to-end orchestration and response. CrowdStrike Falcon automatically prioritizes risks by leveraging CrowdStrike’s adversary intelligence to guide precise actions based on the most critical risks. Including natively integrating context of industry-specific risks, CVE scores for vulnerabilities on exposed assets, geolocation, attack history and asset type. Combined with powerful automation capabilities that auto-generate quick-to-implement, actionable remediation steps for real-time vulnerability mitigation.

Enable highly relevant and impactful Mimecast email response actions based on XDR detections within the CrowdStrike Falcon® Insight XDR console. With unified response actions across endpoint and email security domains, you can supercharge your team’s response time and accuracy. In addition, you can enable pre-defined XDR workflows with CrowdStrike Falcon® Fusion to automatically trigger integrated response actions across the Falcon platform and Mimecast Email Security, such as blocking an email sender or domain. By enabling Mimecast response actions from the Falcon console, you can quickly block malicious actors across endpoint and email domains before they cause damage.



Mimecast + CrowdStrike Falcon Use Cases:

  • Enable faster cross-domain response: Easily trigger direct response actions in Mimecast Email Security based on threat detections or suspicious activity found within Falcon Insight XDR to extend and speed up response.

  • Block phishing campaigns: Enable Falcon Fusion workflows to automatically block an email sender or domain associated with critical detections in Falcon Insight XDR.

  • Unify actions in a single console: Automate manual tasks across consoles, minimize context switching, and accelerate response with CrowdStrike’s unified, threat-centric command console.





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Release Date:

February 2023



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