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Unified protection from the endpoint to everywhere

The Cybereason Defense Platform moves beyond endless alerting to instead recognize, expose, and end malicious operations before they take hold. The result: Defenders can end attacks in minutes.  Cybereason integrates with Mimecast by ingesting Email Security logs to provide critical visibility into the most attacked vector – Email!

Cybereason Use-Case:

  • Find Malicious Operations involving Phishing Attacks: A successful phishing strategy requires defense-in-depth, including prevention, effective detection, and guided response workflows. The combination of Mimecast and Cybereason XDR achieves this outcome. Both platforms outright block the download and execution of malware, potentially unwanted programs, and widespread phishing attempts. By streaming Mimecast Secure Email Gateway alerts and telemetry to Cybereason XDR, these signals are further correlated across 65+ integrations to identify attackers crossing critical thresholds - such as persistence or account takeover, and suggest remediation actions tailored to each individual Malicious Operation (MalOp)



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September 2023

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