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Detect threats early across multiple data sources

Devo’s SIEM platform collects, analyzes, and provides insight from ingested data and can be scaled as the amount of data grows. Devo enables a company to ingest data from all data sources, closing the visibility gap that puts your organization at higher risk.

By integrating Mimecast and Devo, organizations gain search and correlation capabilities across all log types to detect and   respond to cyberattacks. The analytics and integrated applications cut cyberattack detection times, empowering incident-response, and threat-hunting teams to uncover the full kill chain and proactively find malicious activity.

The Devo platform ingests Mimecast logs, along with other log sources, to obtain complete visibility across all environments. Fast, accurate threat hunting, investigation and response are possible only when analysts have full context about the alerts crossing their screens. Devo enables analysts to focus on the threats that matter most by enriching data with known threat activity, prior investigation history, and third-party intelligence feeds. Having that complete context at their fingertips across the entire threat lifecycle makes analysts more productive and effective.


Mimecast + Devo Security Use Cases:

  • Threat correlation: Identify initial attack deployment methodology, characteristics and subsequent access attempts without the need for manual effort or multiple toolsets.

  • Advanced threat detection: Improve your organization’s security posture and detect threats by augmenting email perimeter defense with user and entity behavior analytics.

  • Lateral movement detection: Detect and follow attackers even as they switch IP addresses, devices or credentials.

  • Alert prioritization: Increase efficiency and effectiveness by prioritizing the most pressing threats.

  • Threat intelligence: Understand how your organization has been targeted and what attacks have been blocked for better protection at the email perimeter, inside the network and beyond its perimeter.

  • Threat investigation: Analyze activity events before and after an attack across the entire attack chain to enhance analyst productivity and repair vulnerabilities.


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February 2022



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