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Leverage Advanced Email Encryption With Mimecast and Echoworx

Echoworx is a leading email encryption company which protects the privacy of people and businesses throughout the world by making email data protection easier. Their scalable and configurable cloud security and email encryption solutions have been adopted by the top and best in the business across more than 30 countries. Echoworx email encryption is offered as a completely turn-key, cloud-based managed service, with a passionate hands-on expert staff to help transform communication chaos into order for organizations who understand the importance of being secure.

Integrate Mimecast with Echoworx to ensure users are sharing information safely via email with automation and no need for constant manual surveillance. By integrating Mimecast with Echoworx, organizations can leverage advanced encryption for protecting information while eliminating complexity for users and providing numerous options for message delivery, authentication, and branding. The integration secures your organization’s email communications whether outgoing or incoming, and across different business workflows. Global compliance requirements are supported through residency and language localization to ensure the best experience for your customers.

Mimecast + Echoworx Use Cases:

  • Bulk secure sending: Send millions of secure statements without interrupting business mail flow.
  • Faster Message Access: Use modern auth, biometrics, or SMS to quickly authenticate and grant access
    to secure messages and statements.
  • Simplify key management: Modernize legacy on-premises PGP and S/MIME encryption/decryption to a
    single cloud integration.
  • Secure Shared Mailboxes: Make the process of sending secure documents simple and faster for
  • Automate Security: Quickly transition to paperless using automated, self-serve attachment encryption.



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