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Moving from Organizational Response to Adaptive Risk 

The Elevate Security platform gathers context from a wide variety of sources, including Mimecast, web, IAM, SIEM, Endpoint, Device, DLP, HR, and Zero Trust platforms and other technologies. Proprietary data science models predict risky users and quantify the risk level of each individual, allowing for a scaled, “right sized” approach to managing risk before a breach.

Elevate Security offers out-of-the-box and customizable playbooks designed to respond to almost any user-based risk in near real-time, to develop the profiles essential to risk prioritization, identifying past actions taken, access levels, and how often an individual is attacked. This equates to less time resolving and recovering from incidents, freeing up analysts to focus on other cybersecurity challenges and stay ahead of the next attack. Mimecast and Elevate Security enable organizations to defend against sophisticated attacks, integrate actionable intelligence into risk management, and create adaptive security policies across the digital estate.

Mimecast + Elevate Security Use Cases

  • Risk Visibility: Understand how your organization has been targeted and what email attacks have been blocked for better protection across your security tools
  • Risk Posture: Create a single view of multiple connected systems’ user and device risk values with weighted scores to define automated responses
  • User Engagement: Build a security-aware organization with personalized, direct, timely feedback based on user email actions.
  • Protect Sensitive Data: Use adaptive security policies to reduce the risk of sensitive data exfiltration

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Nov 2022



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