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Identify Vulnerabilities at a Glance

Attack Surface Management can identify an organization's weakest points using information of inbound and outbound data. Encore's ASM dashboard allows the user to map data across multiple attack surfaces to create a complete view of your security environment. The user can view their security from the perspective of an attacker to see which attack surfaces are most susceptible to a threat. The user can see reports of breeched users, exposed public hosts, email configuration and other malicious attacks. 

When integrated with Mimecast, Encore will deploy another attack surface on the dashboard. Encore provides a window into Mimecast alongside other tools to provide visibility in a single pane of glass. It uses Mimecast capabilities to highlight vulnerabilities in an email security environment. These include but are not limited to, harmful URL clicks, email impersonation, message holdings and attachment protection. Integrate Encore with Mimecast to gain a detailed view of the email attack surface and identify where threats will be coming from. 


Mimecast + Encore Use Cases:

  • URL Protection

  • Attachment Protection

  • Threat intelligence






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