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FortiSoar is a leading Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response Platform, that empowers organizations to fortify their posture towards cyber threat management. Through its robust Automation Framework and Playbook Engine, which seamlessly integrates with hundreds of security tools, which enables modeling of security automation workflows, and thus aids analysts to make more discerning decisions in far lesser time. The FortiSoar Operations Platform, supports the entire gamut of Incident Management with its user-friendly and configurable case-management and best-in-class enterprise reporting. To know more about the solution, visit

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FortiSoar integrates with Mimecast Email Security products; both Email Security- S1 and Email Security & Remediation-S2 product bundles. The integration provides a comprehensive range of actions from informative actions such as searching for messages in Mimecast, retrieving message details and retrieving message list of a specified user etc. from Mimecast to response and containment actions such as blacklisting/whitelisting a URL, blocking a sender, creating an incident etc. all of which contributes towards building an effective automation workflow. With other 250+ integrations available to be used OOB, FortiSoar allows SOC teams an ability to visualize and implement enriched investigation processes, thereby building a comprehensive automated incident response lifecycle management solution.

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