Fortra Alert Logic

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Detect and respond to email threats

Fortra Alert Logic MDR is a managed detection and response platform that helps businesses identify, investigate, and eliminate active threats across networks, applications, and endpoint devices. Features include asset discovery, PCI scanning, user behavior tracking, web log analytics, and real-time reporting.

Mimecast and Alert Logic provide an integrated solution to improve detection, stop threats, and provide security insights gathered across the organization. Email threat data from Mimecast is surfaced in Alert Logic for correlation and analysis against the broader security estate, including network, endpoint, identity and cloud. 

Together, Mimecast and Alert Logic share high-fidelity indicators to help customers quickly and accurately remediate the root cause of an attack and stop the threat before it takes hold. 


Mimecast + Alert Logic Integration Use Cases: 

  • Advanced threat detection: Improve your organization’s security posture and detect threats by augmenting email perimeter defence with user and entity behaviour analytics. 
  • Threat Correlation: Identify initial attack deployment methodology, characteristics and subsequent access attempts across the security landscape without the need for manual effort or multiple toolsets. 
  • Alert Prioritization: Increase efficiency and effectiveness by prioritizing the most pressing threats. 

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Release Date:

August 2020



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