IBM Resilient

Developed by Mimecast


The Mimecast – IBM Resilient integration delivers a more complete SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) platform. The Mimecast Actions Add-On offers 22 actions to help customers enrich SOC automation and broaden the scope of playbook-driven incident response and remediation. The Add-On enables organizations to complete key email security actions – from blocking a sender or URL and searching for specific messages – from a single interface, in minutes.

Unlock the value and power of your security tools by integrating them into a single response hub. 

Example of a IBM Resilient Workflow using a Mimecast function:

IBM Resilient Workflow Example

Mimecast Functions: 

  • Run Tracked Messages Query
  • Get Tracked Email
  • Get Archived Messages List
  • Get Archived Message Details
  • Block Sender
  • Permit Sender
  • Create Blocked Sender Policy
  • Get Blocked Sender Policy
  • List URLs
  • Block URL
  • Permit URL
  • Delete URL
  • Decode URL
  • List Groups
  • List Members
  • Add Group Member
  • Remove Group Member
  • Find Member
  • Create Group
  • Search File Hash
  • Test Connectivity
  • Get Aliases

Custom Mimecast Workflows: Prebuilt utilizing Mimecast specific functions.

Custom Mimecast Workflows

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