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Draw on integrated security data from across your enterprise, and a simple Mimecast integration - to identify or block compromised email users, protect your brand and prevent data leaks.

Staying one step ahead in a fast-moving threat landscape – to identify and stop sophisticated attacks - demands access to unified cyber threat insight from across your enterprise security environment.

However, organizations often lack that visibility because crucial data is locked away in siloes across cloud, endpoint and network security assets. As a result, security tools cannot draw on unified data to find and investigate threats, and trigger automated responses.

Cortex Data Lake addresses this issue. It is the only solution that:

  • Collects, integrates and normalizes all your enterprise security data to provide a single, unified view of threat data.
  • Stores your data in a secure, encrypted, jurisdiction-specific cloud environment, to reduce complexity, storage and compute costs.
  • Runs advanced AI and machine learning to constantly learn from new data.
  • Integrates with third party solutions to enable automated, streamlined security operations.

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Mimecast and Cortex Data Lake: Defend Your Brand, Email and Data

Cyber security starts with email.  In order to realize the full benefit of Cortex Data Lake investments, one needs to enable rapid, automated email security threat responses based on a single, unified view of enterprise security data.

Integrating Mimecast email security controls with Cortex Data Lake addresses this clear need. It gives our joint customers the power to work smarter, respond faster and strengthen cyber resilience - to improve ROI and make more efficient use of limited security resources.

Key Benefits

  • More complete defense: Better protect your brand by adding Mimecast email security actions to your Cortex Data Lake solution.
  • Automated threat response: Immediately and automatically prevent compromised users from sending any outbound emails, protecting your firm from data loss.
  • Integrated, normalized data: The Mimecast App draws on unified alerts from Next-generation firewall and Wildfire, with more to come.
  • Simple to get up and running: Pre-built integration allows Mimecast App set-up and configuration in minutes - and operates seamlessly 24 hours a day.
  • Configurable: Choose security event alert levels (medium, high or critical) and alert actions (block user or admin notification).
  • Flexible: Quickly create and manage groups to make it easy to apply different threat response actions (alert, block) to different users.

Whats New:

Version 2.0

Expand Cortex functionality with the following:

  • Remove severity option ‘none’
  • Block inbound emails
  • Disable a user
  • Split spyware and wirefire settings
  • Allow admin to specify additional recipients for notification
    • Profile Group or
    • List
  • Validate email addresses for notifications

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Release Date:

August 2019




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