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Measure and Enhance the State of Your Email Security

Picus Security simulates real-world cyber threats to continuously validate, measure, and enhance organizations’ cyber resilience. It facilitates a more proactive and threat-centric approach to security by automatically evaluating the effectiveness of security controls, identifying high-risk attack paths, and helping to optimize threat prevention and detection capabilities. 

The integration with Mimecast enables organizations to enhance their email security controls if additional security features are activated. By utilizing the integration, organizations can simulate real-world threats, test the efficiency of their security controls, and identify high-risk attack paths to critical assets. Consequently, organizations are better equipped to prevent and respond to security incidents.

Mimecast + Picus Use Cases:

  • Validating the Effectiveness of Email Security Controls: By simulating real-world email threats, organizations can test the effectiveness of their email security controls.
  • Evaluating the Impact of New Email Threats: With Mimecast integration, organizations are now able to quickly evaluate the impact of new email threats and adjust their security measures accordingly.
  • Identifying High-Risk Attack Paths: Organizations can identify high-risk attack paths, ensuring that they can prioritize their security efforts and protect their most valuable assets.



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Release Date:

January 2023



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