ReliaQuest GreyMatter

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Consolidate data while improving threat visibility and remediation

ReliaQuest GreyMatter is a cloud-native Open XDR platform that brings together telemetry from any security and business solution, whether on-premises, or in one or multiple clouds, to unify detection, investigation, response, and resilience. ReliaQuest combines the power of technology and 24/7 security expertise to give organizations the visibility and coverage they require to make cybersecurity programs more effective.

ReliaQuest integrates with Mimecast to decrease the risk of attacks from web and email-based threats. By automating the discovery of email security and phishing threats as well as triggering containment and response actions, this integration keeps your customers safe. Integrating Mimecast and ReliaQuest, your customers can leverage advanced threat detection, enhanced investigation, and faster response to increase their overall level of protection.


Mimecast + ReliaQuest Use Cases:

  • Advanced threat sharing: Improve your organization’s security posture and detect threats by augmenting email perimeter defense with endpoint security. 
  • Block phishing campaigns: ReliaQuest contains attacks earlier with rapid detections and response to phishing and ransomware tactics.
  • Threat intelligence: Understand how your organization has been targeted and what attacks have been blocked for better protection. 
  • Threat investigation: Analyze activity events before and after an attack across the entire attack chain to enhance analyst productivity and remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Threat correlation: Identify initial attack deployment methodology, characteristics and subsequent access attempts across the security landscape without the need for manual effort or multiple toolsets. 
  • Alert prioritization: Increase efficiency and effectiveness by prioritizing the most pressing threats. 




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