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Assess your Email security with in-depth risk assessments

SecurityScorecard and Mimecast have partnered and offer a complimentary SecurityScorecard Enterprise License that enables you to monitor your own organization as well as up to five vendors, suppliers, or competitors. Click here to register for your complimentary license.

SecurityScorecard uses network security data to assess the Security rating of the user. Gain a holistic view of any organization’s cybersecurity posture with security ratings and leverage these security ratings for a variety of use cases, including risk and compliance monitoring, M&A due diligence, cyber insurance underwriting, data enrichment, and executive-level reporting.

Integrate Mimecast with SecurityScorecard to leverage the TTP service to detect email-related incidents in your domain and provide quantitative data of these incidents in a private, informational signal. Each finding for this signal represents the total number of times TTP is triggered on a given day. An increased count of signals over your organization’s baseline may indicate exposure to heightened phishing or malware activity.

Integrating Mimecast and SecurityScorecard augments risk into a single pane of glass including insight from internal resources, by obtaining visibility from email-based threats and compromised accounts to quantify supply chain risk.

Mimecast + SecurityScorecard Use Cases:

  • Threat Visibility: Visibility of risk from internal email resources alongside public assets. Insight into supply chain communication risks
  • Identify Riskiest Users: Measuring compromised account risk factors





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Release Date:

September 2021



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