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The ServiceNow and Mimecast integration makes life easier for customers by consolidating security actions into one platform. With the ServiceNow and Mimecast integration joint customers can now remain in the ServiceNow admin console where they just toggle to the appropriate Mimecast security action that they wish to perform.

Mimecast has taken some of the most frequently performed functions that are managed exclusively in the Mimecast admin console and moved them fully into ServiceNow. If a helpdesk analyst gets a ticket to perform one of these routine functions, they no longer need to reallocate the ticket. They don’t have to go through the usual routine of logging into another admin console to perform that function, and then log back into ServiceNow to close the ticket.

Mimecast + ServiceNow Use Cases:

  • View Service Health: View the health of the critical infrastructure aspects of your Mimecast service, such as Email queue volumes, and the status of your Directory and Journal connections.
  • Find quarantined messages in the hold queue: Quickly find and filter messages that have been held for review by your organization's gateway policies right from the ServiceNow interface.
  • Release / reject quarantined messages in the hold queue: Act on messages that have been held for review.
  • Proactively block / allow senders with Managed Senders: When a message is blocked or incorrectly delivered, take proactive action to prevent a reoccurrence of the issue by setting block or allow rules based on sender and recipient.
  • Manage URLs for URL Protect and Web Security: View, update, and delete your managed URL list to optimize your security for links clicked in emails, this same list can be applied to Mimecast Web Security for a consistent experience.



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September 2023



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