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From detection to security insights

With the continued evolution of Cyber threats there is a driving need for organizations to have real-time security intelligence across their environment. Logs are the key to understanding attacks directed towards you and how they got inside your organization. Most security teams report that threat intelligence improves the effectiveness of their incident response plan, and state that visibility into applications and data sets is one of the main factors to their improved cyber resilience. Whether your primary security need is for analytics, security operations center insights or audit and compliance —organizations need a modern, cloud- native SIEM solution that provides full visibility across your environment with contextualized threat data that helps eliminate the overwhelming volume of alerts.

Mimecast and Sumo Logic provide an integrated solution to improve detection, stop threats and provide security insights gathered across the organization. Email remains the most highly leveraged attack vector in a cyber attack. As a result the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is often the first system to detect new threats through multi-layered inspection capabilities. The insight gleaned from each of the inspection layers is logged for ingestion by external toolsets, to vizualize email based threats alongside all of the protection, identification and application logs across the organization. Sumo Logic provides analysts with Mimecast ingested log data with email threats prioritized and contextualized, automated security workflows, out-of-the-box content and real time detection and response. This is all designed to eliminate the manual work for security analysts thereby saving valuable resource time.

Key Benefits:

  • Threat visualization across your security estate
  • Deeper insight into email based attack vectors
  • Improved incident response through correlation of email attacks and threat intelligence

How it Works



Mimecast and Sumo Logic





Release Date

August 2021



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