Developed by Swimlane


Swimlane does a phenomenal job of combining orchestration and automation into an easy to use, fully capable SOAR. Security Orchestration is achieved by integrating 3rd party security tools, such as Mimecast, into their platform. By doing this, they can enable Security Automation, which is the ability to execute a sequence of tasks related to a security workflow without human intervention. It allows a security analyst to build out a custom workflow to address simple tasks which they are comfronted with multiple times a day.

Custom Integration Functions:

  • Mimecast Create Managed URL: Add a URL to the Targeted Threat Protection
  • Mimecast Decode URL: Decode Protect URL’s
  • Mimecast Get File: Returns a File Attachment from an archived message
  • Mimecast Get Message List: Returns a list of messages for a given user
  • Mimecast Get Message Part: Retrieve a specific part of a selected message
  • Mimecast Permit Or Block Sender: Permit or Block a Sender through Mimecast
  • Mimecast Search: Search through Mimecast Email Logs and Archives

Retrieve all the necessary data from a message to allow for an accurate response from a SOC





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