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Detect and respond to email threats

By offering a single point of management for SaaS, Torii allows companies to regain control of their IT business, reduce unnecessary spend, run IT more efficiently, and ensure the security and compliance of their SaaS stack. Torii allows for visibility of SaaS apps usage, and risk level with insights into SaaS apps utilization, waste, and cost. Torii also makes employee onboarding and offboarding easier with automation.

Mimecast and Torii provide an integrated solution to improve detection, stop threats, augment security insights and centralize response across security functions. Torii ingests rich Mimecast information to deliver a more complete management solution. The Mimecast actions are available for analyst investigation or automated playbook-driven response – from a single interface. With over 100 integrations Torii makes it easy to coordinate responses across all of the security functions.

Mimecast + Torii Use Cases:

  • Automated email threat enrichment: Orchestrate and automate a variety of critical but repeatable Mimecast commands during an incident response to improve response times. 

  • Complex Email Threat Investigation: Analysts gain greater visibility and new actionable information about the attack through integrated Mimecast commands, with documentation per step and artifact reporting 

  • Alert prioritization: Increase efficiency and effectiveness by prioritizing the most pressing threats. 

  • Threat intelligence: Unifying aggregation, scoring, and sharing of threat intelligence with playbook-driven automation across the security estate. 




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Release Date:

August 2020



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