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Consolidate data while improving threat visibility and remediation

Trellix live XDR is a brand-new way to bring detection, response, and remediation together in a single living security solution. Their innovative XDR ecosystem instantly analyzes data to predict and prevent attacks with a solution that’s always learning and adapting. To create open partnerships and native connections, Trellix leverages their flexibility and seamless integration to automate security policy orchestration. Trellix Helix offers support with embedded tools and expert insights to reduce complexities and increase efficiencies.

The Mimecast and Trellix Helix integration allows customers to configure specific actions that should be taken when certain alerts are triggered within Mimecast email security. The integration can block senders that are a potential threat, initiate necessary password resets, revoke account access of malicious or attacked users, and use other Mimecast threat identifiers to create specified logs.

Together, Mimecast and Trellix Helix help analysts quickly and accurately identify the root cause of an attack and remediate the threat.

Mimecast + Trellix Helix Use Cases:

  • Advanced threat sharing: Improve your organization’s security posture and detect threats by augmenting email perimeter defence with endpoint security.
  • Automated protection: Prevent zero day attacks from taking hold through endpoint process termination and email removal.
  • Threat intelligence: Understand how your organization has been targeted and what attacks have been blocked for better protection.
  • Threat investigation: Analyse activity events before and after an attack across the entire attack chain to enhance analyst productivity and remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Lateral movement detection: Detect and follow attackers even as they switch IP addresses, devices, or credentials. 
  • Threat correlation: Identify initial attack deployment methodology, characteristics and subsequent access attempts across the security landscape without the need for manual effort or multiple toolsets.
  • Alert prioritization: Increase efficiency and effectiveness by prioritizing the most pressing threats. 





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Release Date:

September 2021



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