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Cortex XSOAR helps Security Operations Centers increase efficiency, improve incident response times and processes. Cortex XSOAR Enterprise combines security orchestration, collaboration and threat management to reduce manual work and provide decision support for SOC analysts. At the heart of Cortex XSOAR's technology is DBot, a security chatbot that is integrated with dozens of products and understands hundreds of security commands.

Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Settings

Mimecast Integrated Functions:

  • mimecast-create-managed-url
  • mimecast-create-policy
  • mimecast-delete-policy
  • mimecast-discover
  • mimecast-download-attachements
  • mimecast-get-attachement-logs
  • mimecast-get-impersonation-logs
  • mimecast-get-message
  • mimecast-get-policy
  • mimecast-get-url-logs
  • mimecast-list-blocked-sender-policies
  • mimecast-list-managed-url
  • mimecast-list-messages
  • mimecast-login
  • mimecast-manage-sender
  • mimecast-query
  • mimecast-refresh-token
  • mimecast-url-decode (New)
  • mimecast-find-groups (New)
  • mimecast-get-group-members (New)
  • mimecast-add-group-member (New)
  • mimecast-remove-group-member (New)
  • mimecast-create-group (New)
  • mimecast-update-group (New)
  • mimecast-create-remediation-incident (New)
  • mimecast-get-remediation-incident (New)
  • mimecast-search-file-hash (New)
  • mimecast-update-policy (New)

Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR V2

Mimecast-Cortex XSOAR V2:

Cortex XSOAR has recently enhanced the Mimecast integration by adding remediation capabilities, as well as additional functions for orchestration. We now feature 28 different Mimecast specific actions within the Cortex XSOAR platform.

Updated Functions:

  • mimecast-url-decode
  • mimecast-find-groups
  • mimecast-get-group-members
  • mimecast-add-group-member
  • mimecast-remove-group-member
  • mimecast-create-group
  • mimecast-update-group
  • mimecast-create-remediation-incident
  • mimecast-get-remediation-incident
  • mimecast-search-file-hash
  • mimecast-update-policy

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The Cortex XSOAR-Mimecast integration provides the user with the ability to query over emails using Mimecast's query language, for example, searching for specific emails, or finding free text in emails in the Mimecast account.


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Release Date

December 2021



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