Palo Alto Networks Wildfire

Developed by Mimecast

Securing Your Enterprise with Layered Email Security

The Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection and WildFire integration maximizes your security investments through optimized malware detection using both the Mimecast and WildFire scanning and sandboxing technology to better protect your organization.

Solution Overview

1. As inbound emails are received by Mimecast on behalf of the organization, they are subject to analysis by the Mimecast detection engines, where a series of hygiene and advanced security scanning techniques are applied, to ensure that they are safe before they are delivered to the recipient.

2. Malicious attachments are shared with Wildfire to improve the security posture of their products. 

3. Mimecast shares benign attachments to Wildfire for analysis and an all important second opinion.

    4. Should Wildfire detect malware from the benign attachments, Mimecast will use the indicators received and automatically remove the affected emails. 

Mimecast + Palo Alto Networks Wildfire Use Cases:

Mimecast and Palo Alto Networks provide defense in depth against malware based attacks by supporting:

Layered Security

By combining sandboxing and static file analysis from Mimecast with Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Based Malware Detection and Analysis, organizations will benefit from enhanced threat detection and automated remediation for email-borne zero-day attacks.

Malware Context

The Mimecast and Palo Alto Networks WildFire integration provides security teams with detailed context on who is being targeted, when, and by what type of malware. Forensic information about detected malware is available in both systems, ensuring that data is always at hand.

              Key Benefits


Optimized malware detection using both the Mimecast and Wildfire scanning and sandboxing technology


Richer and more detailed context and intelligence about detected threats, accessible through both the Mimecast and Wildfire dashboarding and reporting tools


Alerts and optional automated mailbox remediation for message attachments found to contain malware


Detailed reporting on threats detected, blocked and remediated by both the Mimecast and Wildfire products

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