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Enhanced protection against email-based attacks

Exabeam and Mimecast provide an integrated solution to improve detection, stop threats, and provide security insights across the organization. Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway is often the first system to detect new threats through its multi-layered inspection capabilities. Mimecast with Exabeam allows security teams to quickly detect, investigate, and respond to cyberthreats that typically involve at-risk users and devices. This enables security teams to prevent initial infection and mitigate lateral spread that can lead to downtime, ransom demands, data loss, and stolen passwords.   

The Exabeam integration with Mimecast equips security teams to better mitigate email- and credential-based attacks across all IT environments. When combining Mimecast log data with Exabeam Security Analytics, customers can baseline normal activity for all users and entities. This integration allows security teams to visualize all notable events within a contextualized, automated Smart Timelineâ„¢. The Timeline provides the complete history of an incident and highlights the risk associated with each event. This powerful visualization and context streamlines investigations, eliminating hundreds of analyst queries.

Exabeam improves your ability to stop email attacks at the perimeter by leveraging behavioral analytics to recognize anomalous activity and prevent lateral movement of threats across the network.


  • Enhance detection and remediation of email based phishing attacks.
  • Increase protection, reduce resource utilization, and enhance analysis of email based attacks.
  • Quickly detect lateral movement even as they switch IP addresses, devices, or credentials.






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August 2021



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Exabeam - Enhanced protection against email-based attacks

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