Netskope Cloud Risk Exchange

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Risk detection and remediating action

By integrating Mimecast with Netskope, security teams can increase their overall level of protection through proactive actions that identify at-risk users and devices. Netskope Cloud Exchange contains a module called Cloud Risk Exchange. It ingests user and device risk scores, creating a dashboard view of contributors to your company’s overall risk score and triggers risk-reducing actions through business rules that are tuned to a weighted score. Netskope allows customers to move across different directories and groups within Mimecast and other integrated platforms, triggering different policy enforcements based on that user's risk score. Netskope and Mimecast can then share data of which users are at risk then Netskope will change a user's access to be less permissive or more scrutinized.

Solution Overview

1. As users interact with links contained within emails, phish tests and complete their awareness training modules a risk score is created.

2. Mimecast's risk score is ingested by Netskope's cloud risk exchange.

3. Additional risk indicators are also ingested from cloud services, endpoint and identity and access management solutions. 

4. Netskope uses this information to derive a risk score and trigger risk reducing actions.

Mimecast + Netskope Use Cases:

Mimecast and Netskope provide continuous protection through:

Risk Posture

Create a single view of multiple connected systems user and device risk values with weighted scores to reduce risk and define triggers to send notifications.

Zero Trust

User continually fails phish testing and has a high-risk score which is correlated against abnormal behavior. Business rules will adjust set policies apply a more restrictive Mimecast policy and/or step authentication for SaaS applications. 


Key Benefits


Automated response allows for automatic focused actions that reduce risk caused by individuals, devices, and/or applications.


Combined risk scores from Mimecast Netskope and others presented in a dashboard view.

Related Integrations

Mimecast and Netskope provide an integrated solution to improve detection, stop threats and increase organizational controls with integrated cloud platforms.

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