Get Training Details


This API endpoint can be used to get user enrollment and completion information on Awareness Training Mime|OS Training Modules.


  • In order to successfully use this endpoint the logged in user must be a Mimecast administrator with at least the Awareness Training | Dashboard | Read permission.


To use this endpoint you send a POST request to:

  • /api/awareness-training/user/get-training-details

Request Headers

The following request headers must be included in your request:

Field Description
Authorization Please see the Authorization guide for more information on building the Authorization header.

A randomly generated GUID, for example,

x-mc-app-id The Application ID provided with your Registered API Application.

The current date and time in the following format, for example,

Tue, 24 Nov 2015 12:50:11 UTC

Request Body

 "data": []


 "fail": [], 
 "meta": {
  "status": 200
 "data": [
   "training": [
     "watchedData": "Date String", 
     "title": "String", 
     "assignedTimeStamp": "Date String", 
     "myAnswer": 2, 
     "titleId": "String", 
     "watched": true, 
     "onWatchlist": false
   "needEngagement": false, 
   "meritBadge": {}
meta object
Field Type Description
status Number The function level status of the request.
Field Type Description
status Number The function level status of the request.
Field Type Description
meritBadge Object An object contianing the merit badges for the user.
training Array of Training Objects An object containing information about each module for the user.
needEngagement Boolean Indicates if the user requires engagement.
Training Object
Field Type Description
watchedDate Date String Timestamp indicating when the video was watched, in ISO 8601 format.
watched Boolean Indicates if the video was watched by the user.
assignedTimeStamp Date String Timestamp indicating when the training was assgiend to the user, in ISO 8601 format.
onWatchList Boolean Indicates if the user has not watched the video after multiple reminder emails have been sent.
titleId String The Mimecast secure ID of the title.
title String The title value.
myAsnwer Number The user's answer.

Sample Code

Sample code is provided to demonstrate how to use the API and is not representative of a production application. To use the sample code; complete the required variables as described, populate the desired values in the request body, and execute in your favorite IDE.  Please see the Global Base URL's page to find the correct base URL to use for your account.

POST {base_url}/api/awareness-training/user/get-training-details
Authorization: MC {accesskKey}:{Base64 encoded signed Data To Sign}
x-mc-date: {dateTime}
x-mc-req-id: {unique id}
x-mc-app-id: {applicationId}
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

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